2019 Q4 plugfest~~Thunderbolt 3 New Active Cable

Lintes “Thunderbolt 3 New Active Cable” amazed people by its great performance in “2019 Taipei Intel Thunderbolt PlugFest”. This Thunderbolt Active cable integrates every signal of PC interface in one cable. The new design consolidates USB 2.0, USB 3.0 (5G/10G), USB 4.0, DP 1.4-Alt mode, TBT3 and TBT2 into new Thunderbolt active cable. It is not only realize the convenience on plug and play, but also solve the problems that signals cannot be transferred in one cable due to different protocols. The new design even adapts to the new computer platform. Making thunderbolts controller IC to be integrated into CPU which cause lesser fee for consumers to have the highest transmission speed. As the computer with thunderbolt function becomes universal, it is belived that the demands of “Thunderbolt 3 New Active Cable” will grow explosively in the future.