Lintes USB4 1M Passive cable passed USB-IF

It is glad to announce that Lintes USB 4 1M passive 40G cable are certified by USB – IF in 2021 Jan after USB 4 0.8M passive 40G cable was released. Compared with USB 4 Passive 0.8M cable, USB 4 1M cable could also reach 40Gbps while 20CM longer than 0.8M cable. Lintes technology is one of the few design and manufacture who can passed USB 4 1M certification.

Compared with USB 3.2 10G can only reach 10Gbps, Lintes USB4 0.8M and 1M cable have great promotion. USB4 could reach to 40 Gbps (20Gbps*2). Not only can it support 100W charging capacity but also work on external graphics. Moreover, USB4 is also compatible with USB 3.2 (Gen 1, Gen 2 and Gen 2*2), USB 2.0, Thunderbolt 3, and display port, which set a great milestone for port technology. To disclose even more, USB4 is easily applied to every device with Type c port and create more convenient applications to all users.

Currently, USB 4 0.8M/ 1M and Thunderbolt 4 Passive 0.8M, Thunderbolt 4 Active 1.5M/ 2M cable are now in status of mass production in Lintes Technology. It is our great honour to provide the most advanced technology and most perfected quality of high speed cables to make people’s work and life more efficient.