Lintes Thunderbolt 4 1M Passive is Intel certified and available now!

Lintes thunderbolt 4 1M passive cable passed Intel certification on 2021 May and start mass production now!

After Thunderbolt 4 0.5M, 0.7M and 0.8m launched, Lintes roll out Thunderbolt 4 1M passive cable brings more variety application methods to customer. Not only can it compatible with Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4 but also support 40 Gbps (20Gbps*2) when cable length reach to 1M. This cable can support two 4K@60Hz monitors at the same time, or a 8K monitor. Which is suitable to be working on Display monitor, dock..etc…

Lintes Thunderbolt 4 1M passive cable is available now. Please do not hesitate to connect with us if any demand and queries. Lintes will dedicate in providing the most advanced technology and most perfected quality of high speed communication solution and create more efficiency work and lifestyle.