Lintes designs and manufactures the world’s first Thunderbolt 5 cable and now available on Amazon

Lintes designs and manufactures the Thunderbolt 5 cable leads global release by Cable Matters, a leader in providing top-tier connectivity solutions. The cable is now available for sale on retails such as Amazon. Offering in 3 different lengths: 1 foot, 1.6 feet and 3.3 feet. This latest innovation delivers unparalleled performance, supporting up to 80 Gbps of bi-directional data transfer and up to 120 Gbps of video bandwidth, and providing 240W power delivery, a substantial leap from the previous Thunderbolt 4 technology.

Jason Ziller, vice-president and general manager of the Client Connectivity Division at Intel, expressed enthusiasm about the new cable, stating, “The Thunderbolt 5 technology is a game-changer in the realm of connectivity and significantly enhances the user experience by providing more speed, power, and flexibility.”


Lintes committed to continually providing state-of-the-art technology and working closely with partners to offer users the most advanced and comprehensive wired transmission solutions.


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