About Us


LINTES is renowned for its expertise in high-speed data transmission and communication technology. Our products stand out for the exceptional performance in terms of high speed, stability, and reliability. No matter the customization requirements, LINTES can be your most reliable partner.
LINTES is recognized for its outstanding reputation as a qualified global supplier at Intel Thunderbolt™, offering you an innovative experience in high-speed transmission.

Core Competence

High Speed Socket Design Capability

LINTES can provide the High speed socket design for consumer electronics and communication business reach to 25 Gb/s.

LINTES provide the High Speed Active Cable Custom design

LINTES have signal integrity simulation capability which can provide the custom design service.

LINTES have Precision Micro Lens design capability

LINTES provide the custom Micro lens simulation and design in house. And have Micro lens tooling capability.

LINTES have Precision Die/Wire bond capability in house

LINTES build the clean room with high volume mass production precision die/wire bond for optical engine which is the key technology of the high speed optical cable build.

LINTES provide the total solution for high speed active Link

LINTES provide the total solution with high speed socket, O/E transceiver,Optical/Electrical Patch cord design and manufactory for High.


To be the world's number ONE Active Cable/modules provider For High Speed Communications link.

Our Customer & Products


LINTES provides manufacturing services tailored to customer designs and requirements. In addition, we offer professional product design and research and development expertise, committed to maintaining excellent product quality for our customers.