Coporate Governance-Board of Directors

Directors’ Biographies

Ted Chu
Education:Department of Machinery, Taishan Senior High School
Major Past Positions:Chairman, Lotes Co., Ltd.
Deryu Ho
Education:Master degree in electrical engineering, Taiwan Ocean University
Major Past Positions:Regional Manager, Intel
Max Lo
Education:Chung-Pu Junior High School
Major Past Positions:Director and President, Lotes Co., Ltd.
Rubens Lai
Education:Bachelor degree in business administration, National Taiwan University
Major Past Positions:Analyst, JPMorgan Chase
Independent Director
Brian Yeh
Education:Master degree in accounting, National Taipei University
Major Past Positions:Vice Manager, Deloitte & Touche
Independent Director
George Ling
Education:PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California
Major Past Positions:President, MTI Lab Inc.
Independent Director
Jamie Yang
Education:PhD degree in Law Columbia University
Major Past Positions:Lawyer, LCS & PARTNERS