Optical Engine

| Specifications

    • Cost effective 10Gx2lane SR solution.
    • 1 channel up to 10.3125Gbps/lane.
    • Fiber link up to 100 meters by customized.
    • Small PKG size : 11mmx13.5mm.
    • Low power consumption: 0.5W Max per module ( Tx 2lane, RX 2lane), for one lane application (TX 1lane, RX 1lane) power just need 0.25W.
    • RX_LOS and TX_DISABLE supported.
    • Pluggable interface: Lintes high speed socket up to 20Gbps. 24pin 0.6mm pitch.
    • BER better than 10-12.
    • Support OM1~OM3 fiber and Corning VSDN cable super min bend R:2mm.
    • Storage, Network, Server, NIC.
    • Low power and multi-lane optical solution.