Quality first, pursuit of excellence.

Abidance by rules, customer satisfaction.

Prevention first, continuous improvement.

Start with us, pursue innovation, continuously improve product quality, satisfy customers, and establish the brand of LINTES.

HSPM Policy

Comply with environmental regulations and manufacture eco-friendly products.
Uphold the service concept of “Quality Policy”, by starting with ourselves, continuously improve our product quality, improve the quality management system, optimization of the implementation process, produce products that meet environmental protection requirements, and meet the needs of potential customers.

Environment, Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Prevent pollution, protect the environment, risk management, ensure safety, comply with laws and regulations, and continue to improve.
Effectively control and manage the pollution sources that may be generated by our company, prevent any pollution event from happening, audit and enforce regularly. Ensure the latest environmental regulations are used as the guideline of our company, comply with government laws, regulations, and other requirements for the environment. Provide the latest environmentally friendly products to our customers and the market. Full control of any possible risk by put occupational safety and health first, to prevent accidents, and strengthen emergency response, to create a safe working environment with zero hazards for employees. Regularly review the deficiencies and update its goals, and use the PDCA management to make continuous improvements.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

Our company is committed to complying with The Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)’s code of conduct with the spirit of social responsibility, strives to maintain good corporate governance, strictly abide the business ethics, organizational operations are in compliance with government and international regulations by continue to pursue improvement and progress, and educate employees to understands and supports our company to fulfill its corporate social responsibility. While making profits, we will make contributions to society, and hope that the society will be better.

Conflict Mineral Resources Policy

Comply with laws and regulations and insist upon the Sense of Humanism.
Protect the environment and ban conflict minerals.
The rare metals of tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or neighboring countries/regions are called “conflict minerals” due to serious human rights and environmental problems during the mining process. Because these metals may be used in electronic products, since we uphold the concept of fulfilling corporate social responsibility, so we prohibit the use of “conflict minerals” , and enforce our supplier by having a raw material information form, which require the supplier to include all the supply chain detail all the way to the original smelter. By doing this together with customer and supplier, we ensure our parts and product will not use anything coming from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or neighboring countries/regions so called “conflict minerals.”

Business Continuity Policy

Lintes Technology is committed to developing and innovating suppliers of peripheral products with the latest data transmission and communication technology. We have established and maintained a continuous operation mechanism to effectively respond to threats and protect the interests of customers and stakeholders in the sustainable operation of us; we adhere to the promise of uninterrupted operations, dynamically review the continuous needs of operations and regularly exercise to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement, so as to strengthen the company’s resilience and achieve the goal of sustainable operation.


ISO 9001​ (Lintes Taipei)

ISO 14001​ (Lintes Taipei)

ISO 45001​ (Lintes Taipei)

QC080000​ (Lintes Taipei Factory)

QC080000​ (Lintes Taipei Office)

ISO 9001​ (Lintes Suzhou)

ISO 14001​ (Lintes Suzhou)

ISO 45001​ (Lintes Suzhou)

QC080000​ (Lintes Suzhou)